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7th June 2018

How to wear red stilettos

Seduction weapons

“The stiletto is a feminine weapon that men just don’t have”, Christian Louboutin. Stiletto shoes have been popular since the 1930s, gaining particular notoriety... more
7th March 2018

A style muse – Jennifer Weist

How to get her iconic style

Jennifer Weist, the lead vocalist of the band Jennifer Rostock is one of the most popular feminine names in Germany nowadays.  Besides being a killer rockstar,... more
1st August 2017

Diane von Furstenberg and the woman she wanted to be

The woman who changed the world of fashion

Nowadays, it’s hard to find a style that will stay on trend for very long. Often, different cuts will come and go, barely lasting a season before... more

Wrap Blouses

There are a few simple rules you must keep in mind when picking out wrap blouses and one of them and the most important is that this item is a match no matter what kind of silhouette you have!

Wrap blouses for any silhouette

Wrap blouse is a great addition to any wardrobe because it is one of the pieces which goes for any body type. For example if you have a voluminous bust, wrapping the blouse around your torso can actually help you keep everything in place and feel secure. On the other hand, if you don’t have such a big bust, wrap blouses can help you get a bit of volume and beautifully mark your waistline by drawing the attention to it. Some of the wrap blouses actually tie around your torso, while others just give that impression, but the effect is the same.

Wear wrap blouses with pencil skirts

Most, if not all wrap blouses have a v-neck which is a great plus for your silhouette because it elongates it, making you look taller. To take advantage of this feature even more, wear wrap blouses with pencil skirts and stilettos and in this way you’ll get all that this combination has to offer: a taller and slimmer figure! If you want to get a feminine and lightweight appearance, mix wrap blouses with circle skirts or even flared skirts. You must know that they will add more volume and draw all the attention towards you!

The most stylish wrap blouses right now

In order to create a stylish outfit you must know the market and what’s trending at the moment. Diane Von Furstenberg and Ron Herman, are just a few of the designers which have a lot to say in the fashion industry and they are actually some of the trendsetters. Go check out our selection of wrap blouses and pick out the best choice for you.

You can find so many designs: from cotton or silk, with stripes, polka-dots or flowered prints, sleeveless or with long sleeves! Go for classy shades, like: red, beige, black or blue.