11 BY BORIS BIDJAN SABERI T-Shirt for Men, Black, Cotton, 2017, M S
Raffaello Network - 11 BY BORIS BIDJAN SABERI T-Shirt for Men, Black, Cotton, 2017, M S
166.00 $
Saint Laurent Black & Off-White Silk Piranha Sleeveless Shirt
SSENSE - Saint Laurent Black & Off-White Silk Piranha Sleeveless Shirt
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7th March 2018

A style muse – Jennifer Weist

How to get her iconic style

Jennifer Weist, the lead vocalist of the band Jennifer Rostock is one of the most popular feminine names in Germany nowadays.  Besides being a killer rockstar,...
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3rd November 2017

How to make a mini skirt from old jeans

DIY: Turn your jeans into a sexy skirt 

Simple steps

Instead of throwing out your worn jeans, why not turn them into a chic skirt? In order to do this, you need to follow some...
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23rd May 2017

Skinny jeans outfits

Skinny jeans - the second skin

Fall, winter, spring or summer, the beloved wardrobe essential will always be – well – an essential. Plus, doesn’t matter how much you love your...
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Sleeveless shirts

Sleeveless shirts are a great addition for every wardrobe if you want to have statement and easy-to-wear pieces. This items reunite all the comfort and style you could get from one piece of clothing. From turtlenecks to deep v-neckline styles, the sleeveless shirts will reflect your personality and sense of style.

Show some skin when wearing sleeveless shirts

One of the greatest advantages of the sleeveless shirts is that they allow you to show some skin, but in an elegant and decent way. Your arms and shoulders might be more attractive than you think and it would be a shame not to take advantage of this aspect. You’ll find all kinds of sleeveless shirts perfect for a casual outfit or for a more sophisticated/elegant one. If you want to draw the attention even more to the shoulders area there are all sorts of applications and cuts in order to make the piece special and unique.

Wear sleeveless shirts with pleated pants

Sleeveless shirts are great to wear just like that next to a pair of skinny jeans or pleated pants or for layering because it allows you to add a lot of items on top like blazers, cardigans, sweaters or even under it, like a white shirt for example. The more daring combinations you’ll make the more interesting the outfit will be and you’ll feel more special.

Wear sleeveless shirts throughout the year

From early spring to late fall, sleeveless shirts should be on your top 3 favorite pieces to wear. Not to say that during summer time they should be a constant piece in all of your outfits because there are lightweight items perfect to keep your body cool during the heat. They are also great to wear at your everyday job next to some business pieces or just with other casual items.