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24th July 2018

How to choose the right laptop backpack

What to look for

It doesn’t matter if you are a business person, a student or a dedicated traveler. There are many situations when you’ll have to carry your laptop with you. And... more
4th August 2017

Shirt dress for summer

Outfit formulas

A shirt dress is a casual shirt that’s extended to create a dress. This item has always been a wardrobe staple, and finally became a real star.  The shirt dress is... more
24th July 2017

V-neck Shirt Dress

Tips & Tricks

The shirt dress is a highly versatile item that can take you from day-to-night looks. It’s considered to be one of the most classic staples in any woman’s wardrobe.... more

Shirt dress

The shirt dress has that masculine vibe but at the same time is such a feminine and unique piece which can be integrated in a lot of outfits. It borrows elements from the masculine shirt like the collar, the button front and the rolled sleeves. You can also add your personal touch to it to make a statement outfit!

The shirt dress is trending!

If you take a closer look to the most influential fashion bloggers and designers, you’ll sure notice that they are wearing the shirt dress in all kinds of combinations. The shirt dress is very popular right now due to its innovative cut which makes it stand out! The most common shirt dress is the striped one, exactly like a man’s shirt. There are looser styles or tighter ones, depending on your silhouette and the effect you want to get when you wear it.

Wear a shirt dress with sneakers

The best combination you could do with a shirt dress is to pair it with some sneakers. The casual look you’ll obtain is perfect for a daytime outfit and at the same time you’ll feel comfortable in it! Add big and bold accessories like a shoulder bag or even better, a backpack. To really make a statement and to go for a street style inspired outfit, wear the shirt dress with a pair of chunky boots and a lot of bracelets. You’ll sure be noticed!

The shirt dress: your go-to outfit

In the summer time, or early fall you can easily put together an outfit around a shirt dress. Through its simplicity, the shirt dress allows you to go big with the accessories if you are a fan. When in doubt, a shirt dress can always get you through a fashion crisis and it’ll make a great outfit.