Polo Ralph Lauren Julie Cotton Polo T-Shirt
Stylebop - INT - Polo Ralph Lauren Julie Cotton Polo T-Shirt
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Polo Ralph Lauren Cotton Polo T-Shirt Dress
Stylebop - INT - Polo Ralph Lauren Cotton Polo T-Shirt Dress
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Hugo Dantes Printed Cotton Polo T-Shirt
Stylebop - INT - Hugo Dantes Printed Cotton Polo T-Shirt
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24th July 2018

How to choose the right laptop backpack

What to look for

It doesn’t matter if you are a business person, a student or a dedicated traveler. There are many situations when you’ll have to carry your laptop with you. And...
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22nd May 2018

Polo shirts

One of the most versatile shirts any man can own

A polo shirt is an ideal summer staple and it is obviously that every man should have at least a few in his closet. From sporting attire to leisurewear,...
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7th March 2018

A style muse – Jennifer Weist

How to get her iconic style

Jennifer Weist, the lead vocalist of the band Jennifer Rostock is one of the most popular feminine names in Germany nowadays.  Besides being a killer rockstar,...
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Polo shirts

If you are looking for something comfy and trendy, polo shirts are what you need. We are all familiar with these nice, sporty and versatile clothing items, but even if we like them so much, there is probably more to learn about the amazing outfits they can help create.

What kind of polo shirts can we find in the stores?

There is of course more than one producer that sells such shirts. This is a very important aspect, because generally, only the well-known brands are able to sell polo shirts of an impeccable quality. Polo shirts were designed of course, for sporty activities and this is why it is essential to buy one made out of cotton. Read the label, no matter if you choose to buy from on online store or a physical one. The other important aspect is the color. Generally, you can find monochromatic ones, but you will also be able to find polo shirts that have horizontal stripes. For starters, it is best to buy one that has a neutral color because it can be easily paired with the clothes you already have available.

Polo shirts and jeans skirts make a great pair

Yes, you read that right, polo shirts are great not only with pants or jeans, but also with skirts. But, you will need a casual or a sporty skirt for the polo shirt. Jeans skirts are perfect, because they are one of the few things than come to our minds when we think about a casual and feminine look. You will be happy to find that there are jeans skirts of many colors, not only blue.

Choosing the right polo shirt for the right event

A walk in the park, playing with your frisbee, buying groceries or even travelling are great opportunities for wearing polo shirts. They are great not only for women, but also for men and are perfect no matter what your body type is. And for a really comfortable outfit, you should forget about shoulder bags and wear a backpack. They are trendy now, perfect for a casual outfit and you can find many of them on sale.