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Slim, sleek, and functional, the wallet has transformed itself in the last centuries. From its development in the 1600s, the wallet has suffered many transformations. If at the beginning the wallet had just the purpose of holding money, nowadays the wallet has become a fashion item that comes in different fabrics, shapes, designs and prices. Besides the money, the modern wallet offers space for credit cards, ID, drivers license and even a place for keeping a family picture. 

Fashionable leather wallets

When we talk about the best material for a wallet the answer is easy: always choose leather. The wallet is an item that you use daily and it's very important that the material is resistant. For both women and men, there are a great variety of leather wallets. The different wallet types available on the market reflect our different needs and wishes to carry our valuables with us. Choose the model that fits perfect to your needs.

Combine your wallet with your handbag

More and more high-end designers are realizing matching bags and wallets. It's not a surprise that these sets are a great success; they go hand in hand. This type of sets can look great together but even if your wallet and bag don't have the same pattern you can still match them: by material or color or even brand.

Great collection of wallets

StylishCircle offers a great variety of wallets for both man and women. Most men prefer small wallets that fit in the back or breast pocket. Women usually carry their wallets in their handbag, so therefore the woman's wallets tend to come in more shapes and sizes to fit in different sized handbags.