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7th June 2018

How to wear red stilettos

Seduction weapons

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27th September 2017

How to wear leather pants

4 ways to rock the style

Leather pants have been in style since forever. Yet, many women don’t know exactly how to wear leather pants and they end up looking a little bit sloppy. So,... more
5th October 2016

Furla handbags

Stylish with Furla handbags!

Furla, the Italian brand, is known around the world for accessible luxury: stunning bags and accessories that are practical, functional and budget-friendly. If... more

Leather pants

When you see a pair of leather pants, the first thought that comes into your mind is probably about the rock culture and we don’t blame you for that. But we want to encourage you to wear leather pants in all sorts of combinations and explore all styling areas because leather pants can be worn in so many stylish combos and the choices are endless.

Leather pants for strong women

It is true that not everybody can wear a pair of leather pants. You need a strong character and a great sense of style to put together an outfit. The most challenging part might be to find a balance between this strong piece and the rest of the outfit. Depending on the look you want to get, you can mix the leather pants in so many ways to get to the result you’ve imagined.

Wear leather pants with corset tops

With a pair of leather pants you can create so many combinations from the most feminine looks to the most strong and empowering ones. A pair of short leather pants combined with a corset top will result into a feminine and sexy outfit, perfect for a night out. Also, regardless the length of the pants, always wear them with sandals, stilettos or platform pumps for a few centimeters added to your height and for a boost of confidence.

Where to wear leather pants

Being a strong and daring piece to wear, you must know the places and the occasions when you can wear leather pants. A skinny long pair can be worn in a classic black and white outfit to work or for a special date. Short leather pants can be easily integrated in a glamorous and festive look next to a sequined top - perfect to wear in the club or for a birthday party.