Nike 354060 Unisex Dri-FIT 1/2-Zip Cover-Up
Nike - Nike 354060 Unisex Dri-FIT 1/2-Zip Cover-Up
79.98 $
Milanoo - 710498
40.99 $
Milanoo - 342652
61.99 $
Milanoo - 25647
50.99 $
Milanoo - 3000
29.98 $
Milanoo - 277140
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Milanoo - 25624
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Milanoo - 710514
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Milanoo - 234718
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Milanoo - 234748
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Jumpsuits & Overalls

There is one big trend that has been all around for the last few season including last summer. Jumpsuits, overall and playsuits are something easy to wear are here to stay. Most of the designs are created for the summer season but you can easily wear a jumpsuit in the winter season as well. 

Jumpsuits for all seasons 

Jumpsuits are pieces that combine top and bottom and are totally fashionable in any season. We love them and that's why we hold a great collection of jumpsuits from denim jumpsuits to coveralls, as well as long and short jumpsuits in many different colors. On a summer day, you can easily wear a floral jumpsuit with straps or short sleeves. You can combine it with some sneakers and you will still look stylish, but relaxed. 

Combine a jumpsuit with a pair of sandals

A jumpsuit is something that can be both casual, but stylish and classy. It depends on how you accessorize it. For a stylish summer look, you can combine a short jumpsuit with a pair of gladiator sandals and for an elegant look on a summer night, you can choose a long jumpsuit and a pair of high heel sandals.

Great collection of overall and playsuits

Overalls were used to be worn in the navy but nowadays though it is a fashionable statement garment. They can be skinny and fitted and make you appear taller in most cases.There is another type of overalls, the baggier type. It is like wearing boyfriend jeans but they are put into an overall.

Having in mind that in the past they were something worn only as lingerie, the playsuits are something sexier and more playful. They are a short garment, above the knee with straps and short sleeves.