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7th June 2018

How to wear red stilettos

Seduction weapons

“The stiletto is a feminine weapon that men just don’t have”, Christian Louboutin. Stiletto shoes have been popular since the 1930s, gaining particular notoriety... more
3rd November 2017

How to make a mini skirt from old jeans

DIY: Turn your jeans into a sexy skirt 

Simple steps

Instead of throwing out your worn jeans, why not turn them into a chic skirt? In order to do this, you need to follow some... more
23rd May 2017

Skinny jeans outfits

Skinny jeans - the second skin

Fall, winter, spring or summer, the beloved wardrobe essential will always be – well – an essential. Plus, doesn’t matter how much you love your... more


Let's face it, the invention of jeans was a genius, right? After all these years and all of the styles, the immortal jeans are still a must-have item in any wardrobe. You can find denim in every possible form and in many different shades and it's our all-time favorite. In our Jeans category, we have prepared a great collection of all different kinds of jeans for you, covering everything from boyfriend jeans to the high-waist jeans and destroyed jeans.

Find the perfect skinny jeans

Love them of hating them, skinny jeans are here to stay. They are a strong wardrobe item that has truly stood the test of time. All the major brands are providing more updated skinny jeans options than ever. StylishCircle offers a large variety of skinny jeans and stretch jeans for different body types and tastes.Knowing the difference between the fits, finding the perfect stretch content, the correct rise height, the appropriate leg length as well as finding a nice wash can help you find the perfect pair of skinny jeans.

Combine a pair of boyfriend jeans with heels

There's nothing quite like styling up a pair of boyfriend jeans with a simple pair of stilettos or sandals. In the fall season, you can combine your boyfriend jeans with a pair of heels boots.You can’t go wrong with classic nude pumps or try something more colorful like these purple sandals for spring.

The jeans that match your style

No matter what your style or the occasion is, there's always a pair of jeans that will be perfect for you. From the classic blue jeans to destroyed jeans there is always a pair of denim that will match your personality. When you are searching for your next pair of super jeans look for elements that balance out your problem areas and draw attention to the features you like best.