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10th November 2017

Tips and trick for a safe and comfortable winter hiking

Basic safety tips

We know! You’re eager to see the first snowflakes and hit the road! And you know what? Winter is a great time to hit the trail for so many reasons: the crowds are gone,... more
2nd October 2017

Tips&tricks for the best hiking experience

Time for a great adventure!

Spending your weekends hiking it’s really exciting. You’ll get to see magnificent views and you will get to reconnect with the sense of freedom and happiness.... more
26th September 2016

Autumn Clothes

How to dress for the Fall season

Cozy scarves, oversized sweaters, stylish booties, cognac accessories, moody florals, bright mustard tones - this is autumn. Autumn is the right season for... more

Hiking Boots

Hiking boots can actually be quite chic. They are practical, super comfy, and should be a staple in your wardrobe especially if you’re more of an outdoorsy type of person.