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5th October 2016

Furla handbags

Stylish with Furla handbags!

Furla, the Italian brand, is known around the world for accessible luxury: stunning bags and accessories that are practical, functional and budget-friendly. If... more
23rd January 2015

Three Ways to Wear the Lace Dress

How to Wear the Lace Dress in Three Different Ways?

A lace dress is probably as important as the more famous dress, mentioned on our blog, the little black dress. A bit more pretentious... more
15th January 2015

Welcome to Your New Stylish Community

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Even meeting... more

Sandals & Slippers

Nothing is more comfortable than wearing open flat shoes for summer, and slippers are the perfect choice for those summer days at the beach. StylishCircle offers you a wide collection of flat, summery shoes covering everything from the mule slippers to simple, sporty thong flip-flops.

Slippers collection for this summer

While slippers may not be appropriate for the big family dinner, when it comes to those summer mornings and nights by the fire, they are a perfect choice. You can wear them pretty much any time that "extremely casual" is the official dress code, they're a solid and not to mention comfortable option. 

Combine your flip-flops with a summer dress

We can't deny the comfort of a jersey-knit maxi dress and flip-flops in those hot summer days. While this type of outfit is perfect for a day at the beach or the pool, don't choose to wear flip-flops in a more formal event. 

You have comfort and style in this mule slippers

Yes, we know that is difficult to say style and slippers in the same sentence but when we talk about mule slippers things can be a little bit different. If you are a fan of chunky shoes, cut-outs or you are not ready to ditch your flats quite yet, there is a pair of mules that will easily work in your closet. Update your wardrobe and get a pair of mules to freshen up your look.