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1st June 2016

Flared Skirt

How to Style a Flared Skirt

The flared skirt is a popular item especially for teens and young women. With good tips on what to wear with a flared skirt, any woman can wear this type or garment for... more
5th August 2015

What Top to Wear With an A-line Skirt

3 Ideas on How to Wear an A-line Skirt and How To Match It.
The A-line skirt should find its way into your closet, no matter what style you prefer. As the LBD, the A-line skirt might just save... more

Flared Skirts

Wearing a flared skirt is a no-brainer, because it defines the waist, flatters the body and makes you feel fabulous. They are similar to A-line skirts except the flare out towards the bottom. Depending on the materials used, these skirts can be semi-dressy, dressy or formal.