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27th September 2016

Sex and the City stylish trends that never get old

Fashion can feed you too

There’s no doubt that Sex and the City is one of the most iconic TV series, which remains firmly entrenched in our hearts and minds, not just because of the exquisite... more
21st September 2016

How to combine rain boots and look chic


From grunge to preppy, a guide for combining your rain boots

Sometimes, when waking up and drawing the curtains, the drops of rain in our window can fade away our inspiration... more
15th January 2015

Welcome to Your New Stylish Community

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We are all basically running out of time, especially when it comes to our pleasures and our vices.

Even meeting... more

Formal Shoes

Regardless of where you work, every man and women need to have a pair or two of reliable, quality dress shoes in their closet. It's imperative to maintain a well-dressed appearance, and a good pair of formal shoes can keep your outfit elegant and classy. 

Best collection of formal shoes

StylishCircle offers a great collection of fashionable and elegant shoes that you can wear for your everyday office life or the next formal occasion. There are endless options when you're deciding what formal shoes to invest your money on. Choose a pair of oxford shoes or a pair of leather shoes for your formal outfit. 

Combine a classic suit with a pair of leather shoes

Every guy should have a great pair of brown and black formal leather shoes to wear to work and formal events. You can combine your slim-fit suit with a pair of simple leather shoes that will keep your look formal.  

Oxford shoes for both women and men

The oxford shoe had a pretty massive fashion makeover in recent years with every major to small brand creating their own version of the menswear-style shoe. Fashion's biggest influencers are trading in their stilettos for oxford shoes proving that this type of formal shoes can be very stylish if you know how to wear them.