Bat-sleeve Sweaters

Wool Collar Bat Sleeve Knitted Lace-up Womens Cardigan 68%
TbDress - Wool Collar Bat Sleeve Knitted Lace-up Womens Cardigan
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15th January 2015

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18th April 2016


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Bat-sleeve Sweaters

There is nothing comfier than a soft bat-sleeve sweater. When it comes to our favorite sweaters, we tend to wear them only on weekends because they make you feel comfortable and relaxed. But a lazy Sunday morning shouldn’t be the same when you choose to wear bat-sleeve sweaters. It’s time to give them more credit and wear them with other fabulous pieces.

How to wear bat-sleeve sweaters

Rather than wearing skinny jeans or leggings, we would recommend something fancier. You can get more creative with the styling and let your imagination run wild. Transition the bat-sleeve sweaters from something cozy to a more stylish item. You can definitely wear them with boyfriend jeans, palazzo pants, midi skirts or office pants.

Bat-sleeve sweaters and leather pants

While you can wear bat-sleeve sweaters with a lot of pants, we really think that they look amazing paired with leather pants. You will have a nice contrast between the textures and styles. The leather pants will give you a more edgy vibe, while the bat-sleeve sweater will be a great extra layer of coziness, warmth and comfort. You can add to this outfit a pair of ankle boots and some interesting jewelry. Don’t forget about sunglasses, hats & gloves, belts and shoulder bags. Choose a bag that looks good with the entire look and maybe a Fedora hat for extra style.

Bat-sleeve sweaters are for everyone

Many brands like Yoins and MAYKOOL offer beautiful bat-sleeve sweaters, in various colors: pink, green, silver, grey, purple, multicolored and many others.. You can find them in various designs and colors such as blue bat-sleeve sweaters, gray bat-sleeve sweaters or crochet bat-sleeve sweaters. They have a breezy look and are very comfortable to wear. Also, bat-sleeve sweaters work for all body types so they can be a great investment for your wardrobe. In case you’re not sure about how to style them, also check our blog articles or What to Wear section.