NUNUNU Star Baggy Footie
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NUNUNU Light Baggy Pants
Blue&Cream - NUNUNU Light Baggy Pants
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Nununu Grid Baggy Pants
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NUNUNU Diagonal Baggy Pants
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Plain Baggy Zipper Lace-Up Pockets Pants Four Seasons Mens Casual Pants 41%
TbDress - Plain Baggy Zipper Lace-Up Pockets Pants Four Seasons Mens Casual Pants
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Ericdress Plain Lace-Up Baggy Spring Mens Casual Casual Pants 52% - Ericdress Plain Lace-Up Baggy Spring Mens Casual Casual Pants
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7th June 2018

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How baggy pants appeared

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Baggy pants

Baggy pants are that kind of item which you won’t even feel wearing it. They are made out of such a lightweight material which allows your skin to breathe and you can truly move as you wish. There is no action you won’t be able to make when wearing a pair of baggy pants. They could be considered one of the most comfortable pants ever!

Printed baggy pants

Baggy pants are inspired from the Oriental culture, so they kept lots of characteristics from it. The loose fit and the lightweight material are such a big plus to them that you might not want to take them off! Prints play a major role in the design of baggy pants because prints make these pants more colorful and add a pop of fun. From bold patterns to bright colors, there are a lot of options available for every taste and style!

Wear baggy pants with halter tops

Baggy pants are the perfect choice for a hot summer day, despite the fact that they are long pants. In this way you’ll be protected from the heat and sunlight. Paired with a halter top, you’ll get that Oriental inspired look, but you can style it in your own way to suit your personality. For a modern and contemporary look, wear baggy pants with a white shirt and a pair of stilettos. A tote bag and a pair of sunglasses will complete the entire outfit!

How to style baggy pants

Baggy pants can be worn is so many combinations and the choices are endless. But the styling could be a little tricky due to its loose cut. The secret is to balance out the proportions and you could do so by wearing something tight and fit on the top part. In this way you’ll put together a great outfit, regardless the occasion!