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A-line dress

The A-line dress is a perfect choice if you want to show off your feminine side. This type of dress is romantic and very girly. You can find many brands and designers that are creating beautiful A-line dresses from different fabrics, textures and at a variety of prices. This dress is also called by fashion stylists “fit and flare” because is fit on the top and then flows away at the waist. Every woman can look good in an A-line dress because it creates the effect of a thin waist.

A-line Dress: different styles

You can find various styles of dresses from the shirt dress to the wrap dress that create an A-line silhouette. This type of dress can be short or long, depending on what your preferences are and also it can be a great option if you want a flattering wedding dress. Because of the various lengths, the A-line dress can look good on every body type. Petite women will look taller and those with androgynous silhouettes will benefit from curvy illusion that the dress creates.

Wear the A-line dress with sneakers

Because this type of dress can sometimes look too formal and it has the tendency to be dressy, you ca wear it with sneakers if you want a more casual look. If you have a petite figure and still would like to add a couple of inches to your height, you can opt for high-top sneakers, wedge sneakers or a pair of espadrilles.

A-line dress and leather jackets

Another way you can wear this dress in a stylish way is with a leather jacket. A fitted and crop leather jacket – that hits you above the natural waistline - will look amazing with an A-line dress. Keep the jacket unzipped or unbuttoned if you want to create a vertical line, which will make your outfit to look very flattering.