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7th May 2018

Workout clothes for women

Healthy and happy lifestyle

The right activewear is key to a good workout. That’s why we would love to help you put together the must have items in a female workout wardrobe. Basic lines Lightweight,... more
7th March 2018

A style muse – Jennifer Weist

How to get her iconic style

Jennifer Weist, the lead vocalist of the band Jennifer Rostock is one of the most popular feminine names in Germany nowadays.  Besides being a killer rockstar,... more
22nd June 2015

How to Lose Weight and Stay Fit

 Interview With the Sculpt Sisters

Same story every summer! We want to look perfect, fit and healthy so we can rock that Victoria Secret swimsuit.  Sometimes, instead of starting... more

Active Leggings

Usually, leggings are multifunctional and can be styled with a variety of outfits. They are the perfect choice when it comes to fitness wear because they are less bulky and more aerodynamic than traditional workout pants.