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Some of the most comfortable items in everyone’s closet are, no doubt, the sports shirts. As their name already says it, sports shirts are perfect for you if you are a big fan of any kind of sports, either if you practice the sport yourself, or if you just love to watch.

Different styles of sports shirts

The greatest advantage of the sports shirts is that you don’t have to practice the sport in order to be entitled to wear one. There are shirts specific for any type of sport starting from soccer and basketball to jogging and swimming. You can also find all kinds of styles and cuts perfect for your silhouette and also depending on the weather, if you like outdoor activities. With long or short sleeves, with a high neck or a deep cleavage, they adapt to your necessities and style too.

Wear sports shirts with sneakers

The most common combination would be to wear sports shirts next to other activewear. A pair of sneakers and some comfy sport shorts are perfect for so many activities, from working out at the gym to riding a bike or hiking. You can also add a sport hat and a hoodie on top if the weather is not so friendly.

Wear a sports shirt outside the gym

One of the best thing about sports shirts, besides the material and the comfort level is that they can easily be worn when not practicing a sport. If you just want to walk the dog or run some errands around the house, the sports shirts are your go-to pieces. There are also street-style inspired outfits built around sports shirts which are really easy to integrate in stylish looks.