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Feminine, stylish and trendy. This is how everyone will describe an outfit that includes a one shoulder top. It may not be a classical piece of clothing, but it is surely popular and it has been for quite some time. This top is perfect for summer, but it can be successfully integrated into a fall outfit. How? Well, all you need is one blazer and you are good to go. Not all tops can be used in such an outfit, but we are here to help.

The right one shoulder top for a fall outfit

Yes, it is true that one shoulder dresses or tops were used to create elegant outfits. But, this season, they are just perfect for a casual look. You will be able to find some that are made out of cotton making them perfect for a relaxing day. But, you will also be able to find one shoulder tops made out of lace – these can be worn with appropriate underwear, such as a strapless bra.
In order to pair a one shoulder top with a blazer, it has to be rather tight, just to make you feel comfortable. Also, you can choose one without ruffles, for a simple touch.

Chandelier earrings – the perfect accessory for the stylish one shoulder top

Accessories are just as important as the clothing items, right? For a one shoulder top, chandelier earrings are probably the best choice, even during the day. This is the best way to make you sparkle and make an outfit that includes a one shoulder top turn heads for the right reasons. As a general rule, for a top that has ruffles or other accessories, such as ornaments, you should choose a pair of earrings with a simple design.

Do I need a one shoulder top in my wardrobe?

The answer is YES! Since there are so many choices, you should have at least one. If your personal style is casual, choose a top with casual accents, because this way, you will have plenty of opportunities to wear it. On the other hand, a top that has an elegant design can be paired with both skirts and pants in order to create the perfect elegant outfit.