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It may seem hard to find trendy and versatile clothing items. But the truth is that every single season brings to our attention at least one cool sporty clothing item. Lately, it seems that muscle shirts are very popular. There are plenty of amazing combinations you can make using a muscle shirt and since it is not so expensive, maybe you should enrich your wardrobe with at least one modern muscle shirt.

Where can I wear a muscle shirt?

So, we already established that a muscle shirt is a sporty item. Though, this does not mean it can be worn only when you practice one sport or another. You can find in the stores plenty of muscle shirts that are perfect for other activities as going out with your friends. Since at the office you should cover your shoulders, you maybe want to avoid such clothing items, or if you still want to wear it, add a blazer or a cardigan over it.  There are plenty of other activities that actually scream for a muscle shirt, such as shopping, travelling or even taking a walk on the beach or in the park.

Combining a mini skirt and a muscle shirt can be the best choice for a casual event

Looking for something to wear on a hot summer evening? Or you just want to take a walk and take advantage of the sun in order to get a tan? Well, in both cases a mini skirt and a muscle shirt represent one of the best options. On the same time, take into account that you may find a muscle shirt made from silk. In this care, you will be able to pair it even with a sparkly mini skirt and wear it when going to the club with your friends. And if you were wondering about the shoes, both flats and high heels are appropriate.

How to choose the best muscle shirt?

Well, first of all, why should you choose just one? The muscle shirt is one item that can be taken from closet and worn on pretty much any occasion. Wear the silk one on fancy events and keep the muscle shirt made from casual fabrics (cotton, elastane) for your sporty/casual outfits.