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Halter tops are having a huge comeback this year. They are chic, sexy and super easy to wear. We have always wondered why this particular style was not in trend lately. But this year we have seen a lot of bloggers, fashionistas and celebrities wearing halter tops. The halter top was very popular in the ’90s when women used to pair them with mini skirts and disco pants.

Halter tops and hairstyle

If you want to make most of your ’90s outfits and you really would like to show off your tanned shoulders, then you need to wear halter tops only with updo hairstyles. You can find tons of hair tutorials online, from simple ponytails to complex braids and interesting buns.

Halter tops and bras

Since halter tops let your shoulder bare is very important what type of bra are you wearing. Usually, going for a strapless bra will be the ideal choice. But if you need more support, you can find also halter-strapped bras that are created especially for halter tops and halter dresses. Of course, if you feel confident, you can also go braless.

Halter bikini tops for summer

This summer, we suggest that you forget about triangle bikini tops and bandeaus. Instead, if you want to have a nice pool outfit, you’ll want to choose something new and fresh like a halter bikini top. Accessorize your look with a pair of cat eye sunglasses and also don’t forget about summer hats. Also if you have wondered what the best accessory to pair up with the halter bikini top is, we tell you that is the choker. This combination is a great way to add all the attention towards your neck and face.  Chokers are statement accessories that will add a little bit of edge to your summer look.