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Baseball shirts can now be found both in men’s and women’s wear. This is a casual style that will help you attain a stylish look. This retro sporty t-shirt was very popular in the 70s and today is back on the fashion scene. Baseball shirts can often be seen adorned with different team names, logos or rock band names, with various designs and in interesting styles. Now don’t think only about the classic shirts, because you can find a lot of casual and fun options that you can pair with different clothes. Baseball shirts are a must-have in your wardrobe because they are super easy to wear and very comfortable.

Baseball shirts for women

If you are a girl that likes to wear skirts, jeans and dresses, you may think that a baseball shirt has no room in your wardrobe. But on the contrary, you can wear this style also in a feminine way. For a unique and original look, pair your baseball shirt with a mini skirt and a pair of cute sneakers. Have fun and enjoy yourself!

Baseball shirts with fancy sneakers

Although you can style baseball shirts in various ways, we still think that they look best with sporty outfits. You can wear a baseball shirt with leather sneakers, skinny pants and a cute backpack.  This style of shirt is appropriate for people who like to wear sporty clothes but in a fashionable and stylish way.

Baseball shirts with chinos

This look is a perfect choice for men and also for women. For a perfect casual look on a warm day, when you have plenty of things to do, pair your baseball shirt with a nice pair of colorful chinos. Add some espadrilles, a nice hat and a watch. You will have a clean, polished and fashionable look.