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The peplum dress has this special detail which makes it really stand out. Even if you just want to take advantage of this style and be fashionable, or you have some issues you want to hide, the peplum dress is your go-to dress for situations like this. Browse through our category  and pick your favorites!

Different styles of peplum dress

The peplum dress comes in so many styles to suit any body shape and silhouette so it is pretty impossible not to find one perfect for you. The peplum is shaped as a short gathered strip of fabric and usually starts around the waistline and goes all the way to the hips. Depending on the length of it, there are longer or shorter peplums, but they always have to match the style and shape of the actual dress in order to look stylish.

Wear a peplum dress with high heel sandals

Almost every dress asks for high heels and the peplum dress makes no exception. Try wearing a colorful printed dress with a matching pair of sandals. If you want to obtain a smart casual look, add a blazer over a sleeveless peplum dress and you got yourself a stylish outfit. To personalize the outfit even more, add elements which represent you and match the occasion. A pair of aviator sunglasses or a tote bag are great elements to create a spectacular look!

A peplum dress for every silhouette

The peplum dress has the advantage to flatter every type of silhouette. It accentuates beautifully a slim waistline and draws the attention to it. It also works great for a larger waist, because it can hide it away and masks the hips too. You can also add a matching leather belt to add a personal touch to the entire outfit!