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The one shoulder dress is such a feminine and girly garment because it enhances your top part of the body, the shoulders, the cleavage and even the neck. If you choose to wear a dress like this, all the attention it will be drawn towards this area and you will feel attractive for sure!

A special occasion asks for a one shoulder dress

Of course that you could wear the one shoulder dress in a lot of combinations and styles but most of them are usually fit for a cocktail party or a special occasion. Just imagine a flowy one shoulder dress worn to a wedding or to a prom. At the same time, you can dress up or dress down a simple one shoulder dress through the accessories you are wearing. Due to its cut, the one shoulder dress offers you great mobility to move and dance around.

Wear the one shoulder dress with statement necklaces

The asymmetrical style allows you to add all kinds of jewelry you want. From big statement necklaces to pearl ones, and from a simple choker to massive pendants, the one shoulder dress lets you wear it all. It all depends on the style of the dress and the event you’re going to attend.

Choose the perfect one shoulder dress

The one shoulder dress is perfect for any type of silhouette because the only area it exposes are the shoulders. So, if you are a skinny and tall woman, go for a tight dress to expose your shape and body form. A dress like this will only enhance your silhouette! For the ones with a different body construction, go for a maxi one shoulder dress with a flowy bottom. In this way you can hide away those parts that you don’t want to show and feel confident!