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At the first glimpse, the midi dress might sound pretty hard to wear if you don’t have long legs and a flattering silhouette. But it’s time to bust out this myth and to feel free to wear whatever you like, including a midi dress. Remember that there is a midi dress out there to suit even the pickiest woman and her style.

The different styles of the midi dress

One thing is for sure about the midi dress: its length which is situated between below the knee and mid-calf. Although a midi dress is easy to find, they are not necessarily easy to wear. Made out of luxurious lace or simple cotton with a print on it, a midi dress can easily be worn from work to a cocktail party or even to a wedding, depending on how you accessorize it.

A midi dress asks for high heels

Regardless your silhouette, a midi dress looks best if worn with a pair of really high heel sandals. They will only elongate you silhouette and make you look taller. If you’re wearing a cut out style midi dress, add a blazer on top if the weather requires it  or go for big accessories like a large handbag or a summer hat. Depending on the zone you want to take the outfit to, add the right accessories to reach the best result!

How to style a midi dress

Due to its uncertain length, not long but not short, a midi dress can be quite a challenge if you don’t know how to style it. Through accessories you could dress it up or dress it down, depending on the style of the dress and on the occasion. Know your advantages and try to enhance them even more by wearing the right midi dress for your body type.