The halter-neck dress is that type of dress which concentrates all the attention around your neck. This kind of dress is a more summer-appropriate style due to its shoulders left uncovered and it also transmits a lot of sensitivity and femininity because of the flattering cut around the neck line.

The halter-neck dress: long or short?

The halter-neck dress can be worn in a lot of ways and to a lot of places due to its cut. A maxi dress like this might take your thoughts to a sunny beach or to a late dinner by the sea. If you have a cocktail party to attend, a halter-neck dress is a dress which won’t let you down. It will put you right in the center of attention.

The perfect accessories for a halter-neck dress

When wearing a halter-neck dress you must pay attention on how you accessorize it because the neck area is already taken so you can not place any jewelry there. But a pair of chandelier earrings will balance out the upper part and give you the exact amount of sparkle that you need. A precious shoulder bag or a small clutch are the right pieces to complete a cocktail or a wedding guest outfit with no effort. Some aviator sunglasses or a big summer hat work too if you want to get a casual look.

How to style a halter-neck dress

The right answer to this question is to style it your way. So if you are a free spirit which likes eccentric styling go for a mini halter-neck dress and add a pair of boots to get a street style inspired look. This kind of dress work also for the romantic and feminine women who prefer a clean and polished look which can be achieved by adding a pair of sandals and a cute bag.