Choosing to wear a bodycon dress is a bold choice. The full name is full body conscious dress, so that means in order to feel good in this outfit you need to have body confidence and high self-esteem. These dresses are usually made from lycra composites and that’s why it’s so fit on the body. To avoid a disaster is important to know how to accessorize the dress correctly. Women that have a curvy body can choose to wear shapewear underneath, while the rest of the ladies need to be careful also with the underwear.

The right underwear for the bodycon dress

Wearing proper underwear is very crucial for this type of dress. Panty lines can be visible and can draw the attention in an unwanted way. This can be very uncomfortable both for the observer, but also the wearer. You can opt for delicate lingerie or shapewear that will help you to have a flawless look.

Bodycon dress with perfect accessories and jewelry

The key to a successful outfit is to correctly accessorize it. Normally, bodycon dresses are great for evening outfits, with glamorous and elegant jewelry. Opt for long necklaces, dangly earrings and a gemstone ring. But it’s also very stylish to wear them for an everyday look with casual accessories. For day wear, you can wear simple necklaces made from wood or leather.

Buying a bodycon dress on StylishCircle

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