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Hotpants are, as the name says it, a very hot pair of pants in the real sense of the word. The shortness of this pair of pants will put them in the center of attention and you, as well! From the most provocative costumes and club outfits, to the simplest casual outfits, the hotpants can be seen everywhere, especially during summer time!

Hotpants will make all heads turn

Hotpants are made out of the most various materials from stretchy fabrics to leather and sequins. You must be very careful when you walk and sit because you don’t want anything to show. A great idea would be to wear a  longer top to cover your bottom part. In this way you’ll give the illusion that that’s all you’re wearing, but in case of any wrong moves, the hotpants got you covered!

Wear hotpants with one shoulder tops

Hotpants definitely show a lot of skin, so if you want to go all the way with them, choose an one shoulder top to match it with for a night out. For a daytime look, go for a simple t-shirt or a tank top. To get a sexy look, wear hotpants with high heels and the effect will be WOW! Your legs will look miles longer and you will be put in the spotlight!

Where to wear hotpants

Due to its shortness, you must be very careful where you wear a pair of hotpants. The place where you’ll see most hotpants is definitely the beach. Worn as a swimsuit cover on your way to the swimming pool, the hotpants made of synthetic fibers will let you body to dry out when you put it over a wet bikini. A pair of hotpants is a great choice to wear at the club in the hot summer nights paired with a glamorous top. It is also perfect for an afternoon at the park of for the gym.