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Capris are also known under the name of three quarter pants and their length is somewhere from under the knee to the ankle. They are not short either long pants. The capris are the perfect alternative for those days when the weather might be unpredictable but you don’t feel like wearing shorts either long pants. They can pull you out from a lot of fashion emergency situations when you don’t know what to wear!

Different styles of capris

From dressy capris to sportswear, these pants are made to meet every style and silhouette. There are looser or tighter capris, depending on the occasion and the situation you want to wear a pair. They are made of versatile materials which vary from the classiest cotton and cloth to the stretchiest lycra. There are some which follow the shape of your legs and other very loose which allows your skin to breathe and you can move around as you wish.

Wear capris with a one-shoulder top

Being so versatile and coming in all sorts of styles, you can wear capris with anything you like. For a chic and feminine look, wear a pair of capris with a one-shoulder top and maybe with some ruffles on the edges. You can also wear them with a peplum top or a silk blouse for a clean and neat effect.

Where to wear capris

From the classiest day at the office, to the most hard-working day at the gym, the capris are your go-to pants. A pair of black elegant capris go perfect with a white shirt and in this way you put together the simplest outfit for a day at the office. Paired with a sports bra, capris are your best choice for a hardcore workout. Either way you choose to wear it, always do it in style!