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Bermuda shorts are one of the classiest pieces which should be found in every wardrobe. For men and for woman, they are a versatile and timeless piece which finds its place from season to season, and keeps being modern and very trendy. A pair of well-chosen bermuda shorts can really flatter your silhouette and take the outfit to the next level.

Different styles of bermuda shorts

Bermuda shorts are actually casual knee-length shorts perfect from the early spring to the beginning of fall. Coming in all colors and textures, you can choose from thick denim and synthetic material to the most qualitative flax. Colorful, black&white or printed, bermuda shorts hold a wide range of styles to choose from. They could be more or less dressy pants for you to wear, depending on the occasion.

Wear bermuda shorts with polo shirts

One classy outfit that you can put together starting from a pair of bermuda shorts is by adding a polo shirt. This applies for both men and women, and the result will be a very neat and clean look. The most common pairing you could make is with a simple, basic t-shirt, but make the outfit more interesting by adding accessories. Regarding the footwear, add some sneakers for a relaxed and comfortable feel or go for some loafers for an elegant result.

Where to wear bermuda shorts

Bermuda shorts can be worn in so many combinations and styles that the choices are endless. If you have the casual friday in your work schedule, you could even wear them even to your job. Another place where you could wear them is in the summer vacations or just on a simple day out with friends. It all depends on how you style them, and based on our advice, you sure have a lot of options to choose from!