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Nothing makes a man looks sexier and more appealing than when you see him wearing any kind of formal wear. Suits, tuxedo shirts, formal shoes and shiny cufflinks can transform any man into a gentleman!

What makes tuxedo shirts special

There are a few distinctions between tuxedo shirts and any other shirts. First of all, tuxedo shirts can be worn only with a bow tie, having a special collar which makes it easier to put on a wear it. It has really sharp edges in the front and in the back is narrower than the collar from a regular shirt. This takes the piece to the next level, offering to it a dose of style and class. Another distinctive detail is that tuxedo shirts have some sort of pleats in the front, right on the chest which come all the way from the collar and end around the waistline or above it.

Wear tuxedo shirts with formal shoes

It is no secret that tuxedo shirts require a formal wear and nothing can go better than a tuxedo or a very formal suit. From being a groom to attending a charity ball or hosting an important dinner, tuxedo shirts will make you stand out because most of the men are tempted to wear a regular shirt. A pair of formal shoes, a bow tie, some cufflinks and an elegant watch all work together to make you feel in the centre of attention!

Look like a gentleman in tuxedo shirts

There is no doubt that tuxedos take you to the next level. There’s something to them which gives you a dose of class and elegance. In order to look your best, you must choose good quality tuxedo shirts and brands like Dolce&Gabbana, Forzieri have the best pieces! Always opt for darker shades like: blue, black, grey. It is worth investing in a good piece which is timeless and will last you years!