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Short sleeve shirts are the perfect alternative to the long sleeve shirts and what makes them different is pretty obvious. They are perfect to be worn just as they are or a great piece if you are a big fan of layering. Not having long sleeves allows you to add tighter pullovers and cardigans on top for a stylish and put together look.

Different styles of short sleeve shirts

For both men and women, some of the most common short sleeve shirts are the button-up shirts and the polo shirts. With both of them you can put together from casual to semi-formal outfits perfect for a day at the office or for a business meeting. If the fabric and the print on them is more sporty, some of them can even take you to the activewear area.

Be always in style by picking bright color shirts, like blue, beige, pink and opt for breathable fabrics like cotton.

Wear short sleeve shirts with chinos

Having that casual to semi-formal vibe, the rest of the outfit has to follow this line so a pair of chinos works great with any short sleeve shirts. Culottes, chinos or pleated pants too look amazing with short sleeve shirts because they complete that casual and relaxed vibe you are trying to achieve.

How to pick the perfect short sleeve shirts

In order to know how to pick the perfect fit for you there are a few aspects you have to consider. First of all, you must know your measurements and size and starting from there watch that the sleeve is not longer than your elbow and the seam around your arm allows you to raise up your hands and move them with no restrictions. The seams on the shoulders should come right on the highest point of your shoulder and feel comfortable. Brands like U.S. Polo Assn, Emporio Armani and Premier offer you a wide range of short sleeve shirts to choose from and be stylish!