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Shirts represent the items everybody owns in their wardrobe, and if not, don’t waste any more time and pick out your favorite. If you choose to invest in a few qualitative pieces, they will be your rescue from a lot of crisis situations when you have less than ten minutes to get ready and leave the house!

Three basic shirts you should own

For almost each item in your closet there are certain colors of it which make the piece of clothing really easy to style and timeless. In this particular case, white shirts are definitely a statement which should be found in your closet. Black shirts as well as light blue shirts are next on the list of the most stylish pieces because they are not only easy to style next to other pieces but will give you a clean and neat look.

Wear shirts with suit jackets

One of the most representative outfit which can integrate a shirt at its full potential is represented by a suit. We are almost sure that you already have in mind that business appearance consisting of a white button-up shirt, some formal pants and a blazer. If you are not a big fan of this formal style, go for a more relaxed approach and wear cuffed shirts with a pair of skinny jeans and some sneakers.

Pick out your favorite shirts

For a simple shirt, colors and prints are the ones which make it unique and special. Everybody wants to stand out and have distinctive pieces and in order to do this, we recommend you to pick out printed shirts. Animal printed shirts, dotted shirts or even floral printed shirts will make you stand out and be in the spotlight. You can find really affordable and trendy shirts from FashionMia, U.S. Polo, Mango or Forever21.