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Satin might not be the first material to pop into your mind when you think about a summer outfit, but this is a very good reason to go for new approaches and try new textures and styles. Satin blouses have a glossy surface but the back is dull and for this reason it will feel very comfortable and soft on the skin.

Look elegant in satin blouses

The shiny finish of satin blouses makes them really elegant and classy pieces worth exploring and creating statement outfits with. A v-neck satin blouse is a great piece if you have a larger bust or you simply want to show some cleavage, or go for black button-up satin blouses which work great with almost anything in your wardrobe. Satin is usually not so stretchy, which is the reason why you won’t find really fitted satin blouses. They have a little bit of a loose fit, but this doesn’t make them less elegant and classy.

Wear satin blouses with pleated pants

To wear satin blouses you need to have a certain posture and attitude in order to look great. These pieces work great for office outfits as well as for any formal, business attire.

Next to a pair of pleated pants, a white satin blouse will give you that clean and neat look, making you look very professional and put together. For this combo, you can also choose red or black.For the same effect but with a twist, go for a pencil skirt which will make you look more feminine and sexy.

Where to find satin blouses

A high quality piece can sometimes be really hard to find, but we encourage you to check out our collection of satin blouses and browse through different brands like Anne Klein, Forever21, JustOneStyle and many more.

You have the guarantee that they have the latest trends and styles in matter of clothing and satin blouses in particular and we are sure that you’ll find not just one, but more satin blouses to suit your style and personality.