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Knowing how to style long sleeve shirts can seem like a challenge, but with some tips and tricks you can totally get stylish outfits. Long sleeve shirts are the ideal base for winter outfits and like an everyday T-shirt, they come in an array of styles, colors and designs. It would be great that everyone should have in their wardrobe at least basic long sleeve shirt.

How to wear long sleeve shirts

We think that the long sleeve shirt should be the focus of your outfit and that means to keep the other elements simple. You can wear it alone or maybe paired with a leather jacket, sweatshirt or blazer. If you would like to have a statement look, try opting for vibrant colors that stand out, and keep the neutral options for casual outfits.

Long sleeve shirts with stretch jeans

You can wear a plaid long sleeve shirt that can be matched with a pair of stretch jeans. Plaid shirts were once reserved only to cowboys, but today they became a popular choice both for men and women. If you want a casual look then a plaid long sleeve shirt would be the ideal choice. Long sleeve shirts are very versatile that’s why they look very good with stretch jeans, but also with other types of pants too: destroyed jeans or culottes.

Different types of long sleeve shirts

If you have decided to buy a new long sleeve shirt you have many choices.

You can opt for plaid long sleeve shirts, denim long sleeve shirts, silk long sleeve shirts, cotton long sleeve shirts or basic light blue or white long sleeve shirts.

Many brands such as Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, DKNY Jeans or Lacoste offer a variety of beautiful long sleeve shirts that you can wear with skinny jeans, chinos, cotton pants or linen pants.

If you want to get inspired in order to create some stylish outfits with long sleeve shirts, visit our What to wear section, too. You can also create a cute collage that everyone to inspire other women.