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Linen blouses are a great choice when you want to stay cool in summer hot days. A linen top can make you attain a sophisticated look in an effortless way. Linen is more breathable than cotton that’s why is loved by everybody. It has a high moisture absorbency rate and it’s also hypoallergenic. A blouse that is made from linen will feel smooth and silk to the touch.

How to wear linen blouses

When it comes to summer outfits a linen top can be a great choice. What can look more feminine that a white linen blouse? You can pair it with capris, cotton pants, culottes or palazzo pants. Linen blouses are elegant and delicate so they look great also with maxi skirts, midi skirts or even shorts. We suggest wearing them in a simple, chic and minimal way with few accessories and classic shoes.

Linen blouses with winter skirts

Everybody knows that you can wear linen blouses for summer, but what about the other seasons? If you know how to style correctly an outfit you can totally incorporate your favorite linen blouse into winter outfits. We suggested matching linen blouses with winter skirts because we think that this combination is great. You can also layer your look with cardigans, relaxed blazers, cashmere sweaters, cropped sweaters, long sweaters or oversized sweaters for a more appropriate winter outfit.

Linen blouses for different occasions

If you are invited to an elegant event you can choose to wear cotton linen blouses with pleated skirts and high-heels. For a more casual approach you can pair multicoloured, red, blue, or bright colored linen blouses with summer skirts and flat sandals.

White linen blouses can also be a great item for a sporty outfit paired with skinny jeans and leather sneakers. Many brands such as FashionMia, JFN, or Forever21 offer chic, cool and modern linen blouses.

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