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Chiffon blouses are part of those pieces that can either dress you up or give you that relaxed yet feminine look, depending on the rest of the items you are wearing. A piece like this can be worn throughout the year in so many combinations, either if you love layering or wear it just as it is. Chiffon blouses can really make a difference in your outfit and take it to the next level.

Chiffon blouses in every print and cut

Some of the most common chiffon blouses are the printed ones. They usually have prints of flowers but there are some abstract or even animal printed ones. The main idea is that there is one for every taste and even body shape. They are very permissive because they usually don’t have a fit cut, but are looser along the torso. You can wear chiffon blouses with this flowy aspect or add a belt around your waistline.

Wear chiffon blouses with A-line skirts

Having a loose fit, most chiffon blouses can be worn tucked into high-waisted skirts, maxi skirts and trousers. You can also mix the opposite textures of chiffon blouses with some more empowering fabrics like leather or woven materials. An a-line skirt next to a chiffon blouse is the perfect outfit for your daily office job or even for a lunch with friends.

Feel feminine when wearing chiffon blouses

Chiffon blouses are great pieces with the perfect combination between femininity and sensitivity. If you think that this might be too much for your style and personality, you can mix the chiffon blouse with other elements that will make you look strong and powerful. A fitted blazer and a black skirt can really make you look like a determined and strong women, but still have that pinch of femininity given by the chiffon blouse.