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Plaids are some of the most common and easy to recognize prints of all times, but that doesn’t mean that checked shirts are outdated and boring. There are so many styling options you could come up with and every time you’ll feel comfortable and most important, stylish and trendy because the checked shirts are IN all the time.

Checked shirts: stylish and timeless

Probably the first image that pops in your mind when you think about checked shirts is of a cowboy or western style inspired. It is true that there’s where all started but this trend resisted throughout the years and made a major comeback these past years. Whether you like slim fitted checked shirts of you feel more comfortable in a loose fitted style, you don’t have to worry because they come in all shapes and color combinations too.

Wear checked shirts with overalls

Checked shirts have more than one color on them. Because they are very colorful, it allows you to match them with almost anything you already own in your wardrobe. From tulle skirts to overalls and from cropped jeans to chinos there is no possible combination you can’t make with a checked shirt. At first sight it may seem that checked shirts have a masculine vibe and that might be true, but depending on the rest of the items you are wearing it with you can take your outfit into a really feminine and delicate zone.

Places to wear checked shirts

From office life to dinner dates, checked shirts are some of the most versatile items you could wear. Most of them have such good quality materials that they don’t even need to be ironed and grabbing them out of your closet in the late mornings can really be a life savior. The same button-down piece can be worn in a business attire as well as in a street-style inspired outfit if you change the rest of the items around it.