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Checked blouses hit the fashion market very strong in the past years which is a great thing because they should be a statement piece in your wardrobe. The pattern is so easy to style and integrate in almost any type of outfit – you can make so many combinations between checked blouses and other items.

Checked blouses for every season

Checked blouses are one of those items which can be worn throughout the whole year because first of all, the print matches every season and you’ll feel stylish regardless if it is summer or spring. Checked blouses come in various textures so you’ll find lighter or heavier materials perfect for summer and winter as well. You can easily add something on top to have an extra layer during colder days, or wear it just as it is during hot summer days and sunny spring.

Wear checked blouses with skinny jeans

There are checked blouses fitted on your body or loose ones. Both of these styles look great next to a pair of skinny jeans, preferably with a high waist to emphasize your curves. You can either wear the blouse tucked in or let it drop over and add a belt to mark the waistline. For a casual or business look, wear a checked blouse with a pencil skirt and add a pair of stilettos to elongate your silhouette.

Why wear checked blouses

There are so many reasons why you should wear checked blouses but one of the most important one is that they are really trending right now. You should invest in a couple quality blouses in your favorite colors which you can mix and match with the rest of the items from your closet. If you choose a style with a special cut or in some bright colors you’ll sure draw all the attention when you’ll walk in.