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Casual shirts should be basic pieces in every wardrobe, for both men and women. They can pull you out of a lot of desperate situations when you don’t know what to wear or when you are in a rush to get out the door and don’t know what to grab first. Besides the  fact that you can put them on really fast, you can make a lot of combinations with the rest of the clothes you have in your wardrobe.

Different styles of casual shirts

Of course that there are a lot of different styles and fabrics but it is not a secret anymore that some of the most qualitative casual shirts are made out of cotton. Casual shirts come in so many prints, colors and textures that it is impossible not to find your perfect match. Some of them are slim fitted on your body while others have that loose fit if you prefer a comfortable and relaxed look.

Wear casual shirts with skinny pants

What’s great about casual shirts is that you only need a couple of items to put together a great outfit. As a woman, pair some skinny pants and high heels with a casual shirt and your outfit is perfect to make you feel feminine and attractive. For men, a pair of chinos and some semi-formal shoes will give you that clean and polished look which women are crazy about.

Casual shirts for every situation

A fitted casual shirt can help you put together a lot of stylish outfits to wear at the job or just when you are hanging out with your friends. You should place them on the easy-to-grab-shelf because nothing is more comfortable than a casual shirt, some skinny jeans and a pair of sneakers or you can wear it tucked in a high-waisted skirt and with a pair of platform sandals.