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You might have the misconception that business shirts are only for those people who work in a formal environment and must look classy all the time. But that is so wrong because there are so many other places and situations where you could wear business shirts without having to work in a professional office.

Different styles of business shirts

What really makes a shirt a business staple is not only related to its cut and style but to the materials and prints. Most business shirts keep that clean, low-profile look because that’s what a business look is all about. Most shirts of this kind come in white, blue, navy blue, light shades or gray and purple. Some of the shirt’collars allows you to wear a tie and have two small buttons at the sides in order to keep the tie in place and not having to worry about it. They usually come in one color or plaid or have a really small and simple pattern.

Wear business shirts with pullovers

If the suit and tie is not really your thing, but you still have to have a polished and classic appearance, we suggest you to wear business shirts under pullovers. Look for one with a nice neckline so that you’ll be able to wear the collar over. This is an outfit recommended for fall and even winter, but for summer days a pair of chinos with a business shirt with its sleeves rolled up is the perfect way to stand the heat but still look professional.

Look stylish in business shirts

It is pretty obvious that if you work in a formal environment, wearing business shirts is mandatory. But even if your job doesn’t requires you to have a certain look, you can still be very trendy. Wearing business shirts doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be elegant, but this depends on the rest of the pieces you are wearing.