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Ceramic is one of the most wanted materials for luxury watches, the reason being that this type of ceramic watches have a more smooth and well designed surface and the ceramic have a high resistance on scratches, being some of the most durable watches on the market.

The type of ceramic used in watches is different that the one used in regular ceramic, which is general is more brittle and used in other domains.

The ceramic used for watches is created from different compounds with a high degree of purity and compound with metal alloys that can’t be easily scratched or destroyed. However, be careful not to drop it. Ceramic is good for scratches and small hits, but on big drops it’s quite brittle easy to destroy it.

Watches with ceramic materials are more light and easy to wear on the wrist and also contain a lot less allergen materials, mostly because ceramic is naturally antiallergen material, not being required any coating for protection.

Popular brands of ceramic watches

In US the most popular brands of ceramic watches are Anne Klein and Forzieri, both of this brands having watches for both men and women, most of them with analog display, with japanese and swiss mechanisms with sapphire and crystal glass and titanium, steel and leather bands.

Most of ceramic watches are in made in tones on silver and gold, with some other colors like black and white.

How to match ceramic watches

Watches with ceramic material are luxury objects and that’s why you need some business shoes and clothes for a proper look. We recommend a business shirt with a slim-fit suit, suit pants and a pair of elegant leather shoes.

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