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If you a conservatory person, then an analog watch will be perfect for you. Don’t underestimate the power of such a classic accessory. This type of watch offers you a professional look with the right outfit

What makes an analog watch so special

Analog watches are watches with a traditional dial with Arabic or Roman numerals, from 1 to 12 or I to XII, depending on the model, marked from right to left in a circle.

Most of the analog watches have two indicators for hour and minutes, with some models having a third indicator, the secondary. Inside the mechanical watches the secondary moves kind of out of sync, compared to the spring watches which have a fluent movement.

Analog watches are some of the most popular type of watches, being easy to read and adjust. They are made to wear on the left hand, with the winding button of the spring being on the right side of the dial.

Analog watches, a perfect accessory

Most of the sophisticated hand watches are analog watches, this type of display showing that the you have a classic watch, worn as a jewelry, a luxury item.

The most important and expensive watches in the world are made in an analog way, being combined with an exterior design that contains luxury materials such as silver, diamonds and gold with other precious stones decorations.

Popular searches for analog watches

Analog watches are the most popular type of watch, being offered as gifts on special occasions, with the most popular brand of analog watches being the Casio, Timex and Armitron analog watches.

The most popular colors for analog watches are silver (from the steel and silver analog watches), blue, green and black analog watches. Most of the analog watches have watch straps made from leather, canvas or steel, with some models that use some mixes of these three materials.

How to match analog watches

Analog watches match perfectly with a professional outfit, such as a leather or Oxford shoes with an elegant classic suit and business shirt, an outfit that inspire confidence, trust and professional attitude.

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