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Cufflinks are a precious accessory for your business shirt and will give any outfit a classic touch. With us you can find them in different materials, forms and colours.

Should I wear cufflinks?

Cufflinks can upgrade your look from smart to brilliant. They take the place of the buttons on a dress shirt and usually, they come in many sizes, shapes and colors to fit the needs of any man’s style. It is absolutely ok if you choose to wear your cufflinks without a tie, because they finish off the shirt beautifully and they can complete your outfit with distinction. When you feel good you look good!

How to match cufflinks with your classic suit and necktie

What can be more regal than a formal suit paired with cufflinks? The answer will be a classic suit worn with a pair of gemstone cufflinks. For example a classic or a single-breasted suit paired with a white shirt is an open palette to experiment with gemstone cufflinks. You can opt for amethyst cufflinks – the violet lighting up the white shirt! Keep in mind that nowadays men are wearing more color, and even those colors which were once considered very feminine or a complete no-no for men.

Cufflinks rock!

Yes! They do! They represent the only piece of jewelry that’s both functional and ornamental. Even though cufflinks might be traditionally associated with men’s semiformal evening wear, for example a tuxedo ensemble, they can fill now a surprising range of wardrobe roles. We assure you that if you try them you will get compliments from people who notice the details!