Nike Sneakers

Ways to wear them

Wearing Nike sneakers never gets old, but it’s always nice to have fresh ideas on how to style them. Try new style recipes and wear them as rarely as possible with jeans and t-shirts.

And YES , you can wear your sneakers outside of the gym, but there are many rules you have to follow! Just keep in mind that sometimes it’s harder to wear the sneakers in ultra-feminine looks. You don’t want to have the appearance of a 1980s secretary.

Here are some outfit ideas with Nike sneakers that will put you in the spotlight.

Try them and you’ll definitely fall in love!


  1. Wear your Nike sneakers with a pair of culottes that fall right above your ankle bone. Complete with a crop top and a cute shoulder bag. Make them a statement!
  2. You don’t have to be a professional athlete to rock the sneakers. Wear them with a simple black romper and a cute denim jacket. The perfect look for a stylish summer evening.
  3. You can also include Nike sneakers into your business looks, too! How? Well: wear them in your casual Friday along a white pencil skirt and a white blazer. Keep it creative by sticking to a monochromatic look, this way the shoes don’t stand out! It’s officially acceptable to wear sneakers at work.
  4. We know: the little white dress is your favorite summer outfit. This gorgeous item needs some equally fresh sneakers to make it pop. For the sneakers choose a lemon or a pale pink shade.
  5. A pair of Nike sneakers looks uber-cool with a slip dress. It will make you feel less pajama-like, especially if you add some gold accessories like a long necklace and some rings, too.
  6. A leather moto jacket, white Nike sneakers and a peachy tulle long dress – this is definitely a winning combination for the extra-sugary type of dress that we all love!
  7. Try some blush Nike sneakers with a magenta dress. Simply, clever, chic!

Street-Style look

Colorful summer look

Nike sneakers are the freshest way to anchor a trendy look!

Describe us your favorite way to style them!

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