How to wear a clutch like a movie star

How to get that glam look that’s all over the runways

Clutches come in all shapes and sizes and have been fashion staples for decades.

The good news is that these cute tiny bags come in a variety of styles nowadays and can be worn not only for formal events but even for casual ones.

And with so many choices available, the first question to come in mind is: what is the proper way to carry a clutch?


We are here to help you! Check out our handy tips:

1. Strap it on

Usually, most clutches come with detachable straps in leather or chain. A great feature, especially if you don’t want to keep your hands busy. Simply sling the clutch on your shoulder and if it’s a wristlet, strap in on your wrist.


Because clutches are meant to be held, the trick is to grasp it lightly but firmly in your hand. You have the possibility to hold the clutch from the bottom or place your hand over the top and your arm by your side. Clutches can also be held with both hands in front of the body. Pretty chic, right?

2. Don’t match the clutch

Avoid overmatching the clutch with your entire outfit. For example, if you’re wearing some simple shoes, choose a vibrant colored clutch to stand out. Instead, if you’re wearing some shoes or a dress with a bold pattern choose a sleek, simple clutch in a nude color.


Dorchester Nude Clutch

Partner in Cute Beige Tassel Clutch


If you’re wearing a pastel dress, you might think that your outfit can look a bit boring, but one way to spice it up is by adding a multicolored clutch bag. The same thing happens if you’re wearing a sheer top – a clutch purse with beaded embellishments is great for a Bohemian vibe. Usually, sheer tops are plain and an accessory like this one will give your getup a major style update.


We must agree that a clutch is a great accessory and should complement your outfit, be it a suit, dress or romper.


Keep in mind that there’s always a clutch that would match the event you’re going to. Carry it with confidence and style! You will definitely be put in the limelight!

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