How to choose the right laptop backpack

What to look for

It doesn’t matter if you are a business person, a student or a dedicated traveler. There are many situations when you’ll have to carry your laptop with you. And when doing this, you should know that the traditional backpack might not be an ideal option. A basic backpack lacks the extra layer of protection needed to safely transport your laptop.

Actually, a laptop backpack is a type of backpack designed to ensure the safety of your laptop. It is designed to protect your laptop from falls, bumps that may occur during the day. Plus, the laptop backpack not only will provide freedom of mobility, but also will store all your important accessories. Usually, this type of backpack comes with a dedicated compartment for your laptop so you don’t need to worry, because that extra layer of protection will protect your laptop from any physical damages.



Because out there are lots of laptop backpack available, finding the perfect one for you can be a daunting experience.

We are here to help and tell you what to look for in a laptop backpack.

How to choose the right laptop backpack:

  1. The material

Canvas is a very durable fabric, being water resistant, too. Even though, a leather backpack is ideal for both business person and traveler and it is extremely stylish.

Nylon and polyesters are ultra-light fabrics and they are durable, but not waterproof. Perfect for summer.

  1. The comfort

When you are carrying a laptop along with its accessories you need a laptop backpack that comes contoured ergonomically, with padded shoulder straps and air mesh covered breathable backside so that when you carry it on your back, your skin can breathe and make you relaxed and comfortable.

  1. The size of the backpack

Choose your backpack according to your laptop size and not just a basic design, without taking into account the size of your device. You don’t want a laptop backpack that is too small or too large for you laptop, do you?

  1. The style

We all know that it’s more important to have a laptop backpack made of a durable and great fabric, with the ideal size and capacity and pretty comfortable, but for some, especially for girls, the backpack should be cute and stylish. Happily, on the market you can find so many designs: vintage, fresh and clean, modern. Choose the one that suits you perfectly!



To conclude, if you follow our advice for a perfect laptop backpack then we are pretty sure you will able to get yourself a comfortable and long lasting laptop backpack. Happy shopping!

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