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Pink Dresses

People may associate a pink dress with little girls going to their first kinder garden party. But that's very wrong. Pink dresses can be very feminine and yet elegant, especially if you pick the right shade. Fuchsia and cyclamen?dresses are very bold choices and just like the red dress, they will surely capture every attention. Try wearing simple, neutral accessories in order to keep all the focus on the dress. Golden jewelry would compliment really well any glam look. Baby pink or light pink dresses are more pure, Lolita inspired so they would be a great choice for more romantic girls. In order to pull off such a girlish outfit, you should be looking for a flowy pink dress made of fine lace or silky tulle with flower details. Dots and subtle flower prints in dusty pink or nude shade are really a great mix for a bohemian inspired look. Flowers in your hair and maybe some patent leather pink or nude heels will be the only touches you would need to get the perfect romantic look. You can easily get a pink dress as the day to day office attire. Yes, it can also be very subtle. Try a salmon pink shift dress for a retro inspired outfit that could be a great option for an interview. It's different and yet not very edgy but not classic either. The perfect combination for a great first impression so why not have a go? It might just get you that dream job. You might just think pink won't look good on you because you probably tried the wrong dresses till now. The secret is in picking the right color that matches your skin tone. Lighter shades look better on darker skin color because they build a nicer contrast and vice versa. Still, be sure to try more similar pinks to find the exact match for your personal style.? As a general rule for wearing pink dresses try to keep your accessories simple and subtle. If you pick a light shade of pink, you might just add some hot pink details like chandelier earring with fuchsia pearls or just a big silk flower in your hair. Be bold and try to experiment in order to find the best style for you.

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