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Crossbody Bags

Crossbody bags are the most versatile and the easiest to wear. Some of them even have convertible handles, so that you can wear them in so many other ways.They are perfect for riding a bike, especially if you don't like backpacks.

Smaller designs, with fine chain straps can be a perfect clutch substitute for elegant parties. Make sure the quality is high and the details well-designed, because it can easily get too close to a casual bag.

Falabella crossbody bag Falabella crossbody bag outfit

Details 810.00 $

Crossbody Smiley bag Crossbody Smiley bag outfit

Details 365.00 $

Prism Crossbody bag Prism Crossbody bag outfit

Details 575.00 $

Minuit Crossbody Bag Minuit Crossbody Bag outfit

Details 1,674.00 $

Metropoli Crossbody Bag Metropoli Crossbody Bag outfit

Details 198.00 $

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