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Bangles are must-haves when looking for the perfect accessory. Try picking out something that will last for years and would never go out of style. Choose precious metals and stones, simple designs that don't cost that much but are of great quality. Vintage-inspired bracelets are always a great idea, especially if you plan on collecting them as family heirloom. Unique bangles will draw attention to even a simple casual look, so they might just be the only item you need.

Resin Bracelet Resin Bracelet outfit

Details 178.00 $

Clasp bracelet Clasp bracelet outfit

Details 79.00 $

Crystal Timeless bracelet Crystal Timeless bracelet outfit

Details 60.00 $

Stardust Knot Bracelet Stardust Knot Bracelet outfit

Details 49.00 $

Plexiglass bracelet Plexiglass bracelet outfit

Details 60.00 $

Erika Cuff bracelet Erika Cuff bracelet outfit

Details 446.00 $

Skinny Logo Bangle bracelet Skinny Logo Bangle bracelet outfit

Details 57.00 $

Stud Bracelet Stud Bracelet outfit

Details 280.00 $

Plexiglass bracelet Plexiglass bracelet outfit

Details 60.00 $

Camo Bracelet Camo Bracelet outfit

Details 178.00 $

Vintage Lace bracelet Vintage Lace bracelet outfit

Details 608.00 $

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