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Travel Bags

Travel bags come in so many shapes and sizes: from the duffle weekender, to the classic leather suitcase or trolleys. Pick good quality travel bags, so that you spend your money wisely. Leather and fabric bags will last longer, even aluminium is a great option. Plastic bags might break from all that tossing in between airports. For shorter journies, a big weekender will do great. Pick a nice leather bag in a neutral color that would fit your style. It's easy to carry and won't take up so much space either.

eBags - Vagabond Traveler Full Grain Leather Laptop Bag with Clasp Lock Vintage Brown - Vagabond Traveler Non-Wheeled Business Cases
191.19 $
eBags - Vagabond Traveler Classic Medium Canvas Duffle Gym Bag Khaki - Vagabond Traveler Travel Duffels
78.40 $
eBags - Vagabond Traveler Casual Style Canvas Messenger Bag Blue Grey - Vagabond Traveler Messenger Bags
43.99 $
eBags - Vagabond Traveler Casual Style Slim Canvas Messenger Bag Khaki - Vagabond Traveler Messenger Bags
55.99 $
eBags - Vagabond Traveler Classic Antique Style Cowhide Leather Cotton Canvas Messenger Bag Military Green - Vagabond Traveler Messenger Bags
65.59 $
eBags - Vagabond Traveler 16" Leather Messenger Bag - Asymmetrical Design Dark Brown - Vagabond Traveler Messenger Bags
179.99 $
eBags - Vagabond Traveler Vintage Style Large Canvas Messenger Bag Black - Vagabond Traveler Messenger Bags
64.79 $
eBags - Lug Cartwheel Duffel Bag Olive Green - Lug Travel Duffels
91.99 $
eBags - Vagabond Traveler 21" Cowhide Full Leather Travel Duffle Bag Dark Brown - Vagabond Traveler Rolling Duffels
378.39 $
eBags - Bugatti Soledad Duffle Bag Black - Bugatti Travel Duffels
252.00 $
eBags - Travelon Anti-Theft Urban Messenger Briefcase Black - Travelon Non-Wheeled Business Cases
71.19 $
eBags - Everest 25" Sporty Gear Bag Gray/Black - Everest Travel Duffels
19.99 $
eBags - Vagabond Traveler Classic Antique Style Cotton Canvas Medium Duffle Bag Khaki - Vagabond Traveler Rolling Duffels
81.59 $
Jimmy Jazz - JORDAN MENS Blue Accessories / Backpacks and Bags ONES
65.00 $